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Fluffy with Portal-hive#

Fluffy is one of the Portal clients that is being tested with portal-hive.

To see the status of the tests for the current version you can access

Run the hive tests locally#

Build portal-hive:

git clone
cd ./portal-hive
go build .

Example commands for running test suites:

# Run the rpc-compat tests with the 3 different clients
./hive --sim rpc-compat --client fluffy,trin,ultralight

# Run the portal-interop tests with only the fluffy client
./hive --sim portal-interop --client fluffy

# Access results through web-ui:
go build ./cmd/hiveview
./hiveview --serve --logdir ./workspace/logs


You can see all the implemented simulators in

Build a local development Docker image for portal-hive#

To debug & develop Fluffy code against portal-hive tests you might want to create a local development docker image for Fluffy.

To do that follow next steps:

1) Clone and build portal-hive, see above.

2) Build the local development Docker image using the following command:

docker build --tag fluffy-dev --file ./fluffy/tools/docker/Dockerfile.portalhive .

3) Modify the FROM tag in the portal-hive Dockerfile of fluffy at portal-hive/clients/fluffy/Dockerfile to use the image that was buid in step 2.

4) Run the tests as usually.


The ./vendors dir is dockerignored and cached. If you have to make local changes to one of the dependencies in that directory you will have to remove vendors/ from ./fluffy/tools/docker/Dockerfile.portalhive.dockerignore.