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Metrics and their visualisation#

In this page we'll cover how to enable metrics and how to use Grafana and Prometheus to help you visualize these real-time metrics concerning the Fluffy node.

Enable metrics in Fluffy#

To enable metrics run Fluffy with the --metrics flag:

./build/fluffy --metrics
Default the metrics are available at

The address can be changed with the --metrics-address and --metrics-port options.

This provides only a snapshot of the current metrics. In order track the metrics over time and to also visualise them one can use for example Prometheus and Grafana.

Visualisation through Prometheus and Grafana#

The steps on how to set up metrics visualisation with Prometheus and Grafana is explained in this guide.

A Fluffy specific dashboard can be found here.

This is the dashboard used for our Fluffy testnet fleet. In order to use it locally, you will have to remove the {job="nimbus-fluffy-metrics"} part from the instance and container variables queries in the dashboard settings. Or they can also be changed to a constant value.

The other option would be to remove those variables and remove their usage in each panel query.