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The Nimbus Fluffy Guide#

Fluffy is the Nimbus client implementation of the Portal network specifications.

The Portal Network aims to deliver a reliable, sync-free, and decentralized access to the Ethereum blockchain. The network can be used by a light client to get access to Ethereum data and as such become a drop-in replacement for full nodes by providing that data through the existing Ethereum JSON RPC Execution API.

This book describes how to build, run and monitor the Fluffy client, and how to use and test its currently implemented functionality.

To quickly get your Fluffy node up and running, follow the quickstart page:

Development status#

The Portal Network is a project still in research phase. This client is thus still experimental.

However, the Portal history and Portal beacon sub-networks are already operational and can be tested on the public testnet or in a local testnet.

Get in touch#

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If you'd like to contribute to Nimbus development:


This documentation assumes Nimbus Fluffy is in its ideal state. The project is still under heavy development. Please submit a Github issue if you come across a problem.