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The basics for developers#

When working on Fluffy in the nimbus-eth1 repository, you can run the script to run a command with the right environment variables set. This means the vendored Nim and Nim modules will be used, just as when you use make.


# start a new interactive shell with the right env vars set
./ bash

More development tips can be found on the general nimbus-eth1 readme.

The code follows the Status Nim Style Guide.

Nim code formatting#

The fluffy codebase is formatted with nph. Check out the this page on how to install nph.

The fluffy CI tests check the code formatting according to the style rules of nph. Developers will need to make sure the code changes in PRs are formatted as such.


In the future the nph formatting might be added within the build environment make targets or similar, but currently it is a manual step that developers will need to perform.