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Running a local testnet#

To easily start a local testnet you can use the script. This script allows you to start n amount of nodes and then run several actions on them through the JSON-RPC API.

Run the local testnet script#

# Run the script, default start 64 nodes
# Run the script with 16 nodes
./fluffy/scripts/ -n 16

# See the script help
./fluffy/scripts/ --help

The nodes will be started and all nodes will use node0 as bootstrap node.

The data-dirs and logs of each node can be found in ./local_testnet_data/.

You can manually start extra nodes that connect to the network by providing any of the running nodes their ENR.

E.g. to manually add a Fluffy node to the local testnet run:

./build/fluffy --rpc --portal-network:none --udp-port:9010 --nat:extip: --bootstrap-node:`cat ./local_testnet_data/node0/fluffy_node.enr`